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A Dreamer at the Train Stop | Unfolding Destiny
A Dreamer at the Train Stop

A Dreamer at the Train Stop




I thought this was the most amazing thing I had seen all day. It was just this one quiet moment when my train was passing by that I saw a man on the opposite tracks. He was wearing a business suit; he was was sitting down, bent over, hands folded, with his head gazing off into the distance.

He had a backpack filled with his belongings.

It seemed as though he had prepared to meet his maker.

I don’t know what really caught me so off guard when I fell witness to such a scene. I guess it was the whole juxtaposition of the train tracks to his feet, his volition to sit so close to death, his strikingly immaculate attire which defied any notion of sadness or despair, and his nonchalance about any of it.



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